Securing Nigerian Communities (SNC)

SNC seeks to strengthen safety and increase community resilience through a holistic approach that strengthens Early Warning Early Response, prioritizes trauma healing, and increases participation of marginalized communities in peace and security.

A Project of

Securing Nigerian Communities (SNC) is a project implemented by Equal Access International (EAI) in partnership with CLEEN in Northwest (Kaduna, Kano) and North Central (Benue, and Plateau) Nigeria. The project seeks to reduce conflict- and crime-related violence in assisted communities, enabling the government, civil society, and security sector to work together to strengthen localized prevention and response efforts.

SNC was designed to strengthen Early Warning and Early Response (EWER), increase women and youth’s inclusion in peace and security, and equip communities with the tools and skills to build resilience to trauma.

The project has trained a total of 228 community leaders on EWER, trauma, non-violent conflict resolution, inclusive security practices, and social cohesion. EAI’s program team also produced radio programming on EWER, trauma, non-violent conflict resolution, inclusive security practices, and social cohesion.

World Radio Day falls on February 13 each year, and this year’s theme was Radio: A century informing, entertaining and educating. Equal Access International in Nigeria organized a community radio listening session in Yan Zango ward in Gezawa Local Government of Kano state, Nigeria for 31 women. Together they listened to radio episodes of EAI’s popular Trauma Drama series, produced under the SNC project and aimed at destigmatizing trauma and mental health struggles. The women discussed the importance of radio in their lives as a trustworthy, affordable, and accessible medium for obtaining verified information, enlightenment, and entertainment, especially for those in the core rural areas.

“Radio is the best friend of the rural woman.” Mama Uwale ( 70-year-old participant)



In Northern Nigeria, there is a need for increased opportunities for and societal acceptance of women and youth’s role in peace and security to ensure that their needs and voices are represented in local security efforts. Click here to learn about our Women Peacebuilders in action.