Somali Voices

Somali Voices: Building resilience and countering al-Shabab and other violent extremist groups' narratives and messages in Kenya and surrounding countries. 2018-present


Supporting youth peace ambassadors to counter violent extremist narratives

Somali Voices launched in December 2018. It is a 16-month project aimed at increasing the resilience of Somali-speaking communities to the influence of transnational criminal and violent extremist groups, with an emphasis on strengthening local capacity to counter al-Shabaab’s recruitment efforts and shifting attitudes related to ideologically-motivated violence. By identifying, training, and facilitating credible, influential voices, EAI will develop an ecosystem of leaders within religious, cultural, civil society, media, and business communities that have the tools, networks, and information to create powerful alternative narratives and pathways for young people and vulnerable communities.  

The program builds the capacities of local influencers, such as youth, elders, religious leaders, and women leaders to build community resilience to VE messaging and design innovative messaging and community mobilization campaigns. The use of appropriate technology and participatory media will provide the necessary tools to understand better and prevent VEO recruitment, youth social exclusion, and radicalization to violence.  Somali Voices includes the creation and development of a regional transmedia network and alternative messaging hub capable of effectively rivaling in size and scope cross-border al-Shabaab communications and overwhelming their influence through powerful meta-narratives that support peace, inclusion, and youth empowerment. In addition to the creation and dissemination of original media content, EAI supports and empowers young influencers, building their capacity through Tech Camps and resourcing their community-based initiatives through Peace Promotion Fellowships.


  • Establish messaging platform including locally branded website, apps and social media accounts that regularly communicate messages and information campaigns to interact with target audiences
  • 20 or more radio programs broadcast in the relevant regions
  • Community training and 10 Learning Discussion and Action Groups (LDAGs)
  • Peace fellowship and CVE messaging hub
  • Three tech camps, stipends, and mentorship to top 20 performing tech camp graduates

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