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Strengthening media support for community accountability

To strengthen the demand for transparent and accountable governance and amplify the voices of anti-corruption actors, EAI is implementing a multi-component project to increase awareness of corruption and dialogue between citizens and the government.

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The project leverages the success of EAI’s unique broadcast and new media platforms in Northern Nigeria to raise awareness of corruption, encourage civic engagement,  and hold government officials accountable – without naming and shaming them. We achieve this through the multi-platform dissemination of high-quality media products, each playing a role in creating an environment of dialogue and discussion around corruption and good governance issues. Dramatic media programming that features positive role models for communities and government officials. By generating a community dialogue EAI Nigeria can bring government officials and issue experts together to address corruption issues. EAI produces quality, engaging, and credible media content using our flagship methodology which includes deep stakeholder engagement utilizing local languages and the voices of community members to effect positive social change.


To address challenges regarding corruption and development, EAI employs an approach that leverages the power of radio and television programming to dispell misinformation, which in turn empowers citizens and improves public attitudes and behaviors in the public sector. These tools, informed by years of experience and a growing evidence base, strengthen personal responsibility, reinforce norms of democracy and transparency, and build trust between communities and decision makers.

One opportunity we see is that Nigeria’s media landscape has experienced significant growth in recent years. Northern Nigeria, which has traditionally suffered from an underdeveloped media sector, has now developed its own film, music, television, and social media industries to match the robust Southern media landscape. This project is an excellent opportunity to leverage a flourishing media sector to engage a broad cross-section of Nigerians.

With a goal of strengthening the demand for transparent and accountable governance and amplifying the voices of anti-corruption organizations and actors, EAI is implementing a creative multi-component project to increase awareness of corruption and foster dialogue between citizens and the government with four objectives:

1) Northern Nigerians have increased awareness of corruption issues and the cost of corruption;

2) Northern Nigerians believe a corruption-free Nigeria is possible;

3) Citizens and government have increased space to constructively discuss citizen concerns and shared visions for improving governance; and

4) Organizations promoting accountability, transparency, and good governance in Northern Nigeria have enhanced opportunities for collaboration and coordination.

These objectives will be met through project activities, including, a Stakeholder Workshop, an anti-corruption themed television drama program, a film competition, production trainings, and radio programming. 

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