All Regional Messaging Nodes Launched in the Philippines

The eighth and final OURmindaNOW Regional Messaging Hub was launched in January 2020.

The eighth and final regional node of the OURmindaNOW Messaging Hubs was launched in January 2020 in Caraga Region in northeastern Mindanao.

In a ceremony on Friday, January 10, 2020, EAI Philippines Country Director Exan Sharief and National Commission on Indigenous Peoples (NCIP) Regional Director Ferdausi Cerna signed a Memorandum of Understanding, making the NCIP-Caraga Regional Office host for the Technical Working Group members in the Region. This group is composed of representatives from universities, government agencies, and the private sector.

This event marked the start of continuous collaboration, knowledge and information sharing, and amplifying peace through positive and alternative messaging between the NCIP, the Technical Working Group, and EAI Peace Promotion Fellows and Community Reporters.

The eight Messaging Hubs throughout Mindanao act as convergence platforms for positive social change movements, encouraging collaboration among development stakeholders, creating an information ecosystems, building the capacity of peace influencers, and developing powerful advocates that boost peace narratives. Together we are transforming communities!

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