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Sahi Ho! (Thumbs Up) challenges social norms that inhibit women and girls' economic empowerment through creative videos. A partnership with UN Women.

A project in Nepal in partnership with UN Women

EAI partnered with UN Women, and other local organizations, to upend entrenched social and cultural gender-based norms that discriminate against women. Sahi ho! (thumbs up,) is an multi-faceted national campaign integrating social media, TV and radio PSA, festivals and other community activities to raise public awareness, increase political will, and encourage more resources to increase leadership opportunities and economic empowerment for women across the country.

Women should get all the same rights as men. They should be respected. Men should support them in both household and agriculture work. I commit to support in the empowerment of dalit women who are marginalized and also from my level I will try my best to send all the girls to school for their empowerment.

– Nirsal Sah, Mayor of Malangawa Municipality

Below are three videos produced for the campaign that model several important messages such as women can thrive in non-traditional jobs, women want to be safe and treated with dignity for their work.

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to change entrenched gender-based social norms so that women are recognized for their work and encouraged to lead in their communities.

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