Communities Come Together in Northern Cote d’Ivoire

With funding from USAID and the Global Fragility Act, EAI brought together communities in Sikolo to reduce mistrust and promote social cohesion.

With support from USAID through the Global Fragility Act, EAI facilitated a community dialogue and cultural day between the Mossi, Palaka, Lobi, Malinke, and Fulani communities of Sikolo, in northern Côte d’Ivoire. Northern Côte d’Ivoire suffered from community violence in the past, and the arrival of refugees, mainly from the Fulani community, could destabilize an often fragile balance. Over 150 participants shared their cultures and discussed how to improve inclusion in the village. The village chief shared: “This is the first time that such an activity has taken place in Sikolo.” This activity contributed to reducing mistrust between communities and promoted social cohesion.