EAI is closely monitoring the COVID-19 situation.

EAI has been actively monitoring COVID-19, the illness caused by the new coronavirus, since January 2020. The situation is changing rapidly as the numbers of global cases continue to grow exponentially. We have activated our Crisis Management Team (CMT) at our headquarters in Washington, D.C. to respond to this rapidly evolving situation. We care about every EAI staff member, our partners, stakeholders, and your families all around the world.

While we are not a medical organization nor do we have medical personnel on staff, we want to share some reliable reference sources where you can find more information about transmission of COVID-19 and how to protect yourself.

Please refer to the following resources for more information:

World Health Organization

U.S. Centers for Disease Control

We also want to share our “COVID-19: BE INFORMED” fact sheet, available in nine languages so far, and counting.