EAI Colleague Selected for the State Department’s International Visitor Leadership Program

Maryam Rabiu Muhammad, Senior Producer and Head of Office for EAI/Nigeria, has been nominated and selected by the U.S. Department of State for this prestigious program.

Capitol Building in Washington, D.C.

Equal Access International is proud to announce that our own Maryam Rabiu Muhammad, Senior Producer and Head of Office for EAI/Nigeria, has been selected by the U.S. Department of State’s International Visitor Leadership Program (IVLP) for a visit to several key locations around the United States.

Ms. Muhammad is one of four women from the entire African continent selected for this prestigious program, and the only one from Nigeria. The other African representatives are from Zimbabwe, Liberia, and Egypt.

United Nations in New York City

In order to be selected for this honor, individuals must be nominated by local U.S. Embassy staff. Ms. Muhammad stood out not only for her successes with the White Dove (Farar Tattabara) project under EAI, but also due to her work as a member of the Women Peace and Security Network, formed by UN Security Council Resolution 1325, of which Nigeria is a signatory, as well as her work in numerous community development projects and as a seasoned journalist who worked in several areas of human development.

The theme of this IVLP visit is “Women Leaders: Promoting Peace and Security.” It is part of a global initiative that showcases the vital role that women play in preventing conflict and building peace in countries threatened and affected by war, violence, and insecurity.

Between October 19 and November 9, 2019, Ms. Muhammad and the others will spend time in some broadly diverse regions of the country, including Washington, D.C.; Tulsa, OK; Boise, ID; Jackson, MS; and New York, NY, where they will visit universities; non-profit organizations; police departments; press offices; private homes; museums; and  state, county, and municipal agencies.

Downtown Boise, Idaho

During their travels, participants will learn how women leaders and organizations in the United States actively engage in mediating disputes arising from political, socioeconomic, ethnic, religious, and regional differences. Specific themes include protection and justice for immigrant resettlement; promotion of equal rights and opportunities; countering disinformation and misinformation; community policing; creating culturally relevant education and civic engagement opportunities for disenfranchised youth; political and economic empowerment for women; protecting women’s rights against mental illness stigma; media influence on trauma and critical incidents; and volunteerism.

The participants and their hosts will explore women’s awareness of the potential for violent conflict and the critical role they play in preventing it, looking at strategies from around the world for directing positive political, social, and economic change in a democratic society. They will thoroughly examine how women are leading interventions and negotiations to end international conflict and promote and sustain peace.

Finally, participants will assess the impact of UN Security Council Resolution 1325, which reaffirmed the important role of women in peace and security and will explore international coordination to implement the resolution. They will also learn about the constitutional, judicial, and legislative processes and practices that promote gender equality and protect women’s human rights in the United States.

We at EAI are proud of Ms. Muhammad and her accomplishments, and we are thrilled that she has this opportunity to participate in IVLP. We look forward to hearing her impressions of her travels.