Empowering Communities through Participatory Media: A Parent’s LDAG Experience

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Communities and Schools Leading in the Fight against Terrorism (CS-LIFT) Project

Bainot Peuto, a mother of four from Shariff Aguak, Maguindanao, recently completed the Listening and Discussion Action Group (LDAG) sessions through EAI Philippines’ Communities and Schools Leading in the Fight against Terrorism (CS-LIFT) project. She commits to strengthening her relationship with her children and fostering good values at home after being part of the LDAG.

The LDAG is a participatory media and technology intervention that brings together community members to discuss issues in the community through radio dramas. Bainot actively participated in the LDAG sessions and found the platform a safe space to share her stories.

“We are 10 in the LDAG, and we meet twice a month with our community facilitator to listen to a radio drama and discuss each other’s insights and learnings after. We can relate our personal stories with those of the radio dramas we have been listening to, such as those that involved violent extremism (VE) and terrorism,” Bainot said.

Through the sessions, Bainot realized the important role of parents in guiding their children and the significance of time and communication, especially since children, like hers, can be easily influenced by VE narratives if not guided by parents.

“Before, I used to say ‘I’m busy’ as an excuse whenever my children request my presence at an important activity. I understand that being there for my children is crucial. Now, I’m making more efforts to strengthen my relationship with them,” Bainot said.

The LDAG sessions served as a valuable tool for community members and parents like her to learn and prepare for potential challenges, promoting a safer and more resilient community. “Now, we are equipped with the knowledge of the potential consequences and actions to take, which makes us more confident and better prepared,” Bainot added.

Overall, Bainot’s participation in the LDAG sessions empowered her to become a more attentive parent, and to take a more active role in her community’s fight against terrorism and advocate for peace.