Empowering peace promoters in N. Nigeria

32 young leaders stepping fully into their power is a sight to see. A powerful mosaic of different faiths, states, ethnic groups, classes, genders, and life experiences representing the best of Northern Nigeria.

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CVE Messaging Center - White Dove (Farar Tattabara), US State Department

Project Mission — To create positive social change for millions of under-served people across Northern Nigeria, by providing critically needed information and education through innovative media appropriate technology and direct community engagement.

From December 3-7, 2018 Equal Access International (EAI) held a rigorous five-day Tech Camp in Kano, Nigeria focused on empowering youth and transforming extremism. EAI guided the participants through a whirlwind week of experimental and interactive sessions including best practices on transforming extremism, digital campaign development, leadership and life skills, alternative narrative development, issue mapping, social media and thought leadership. The young people participated in design sessions and pitched their ideas where they received constructive feedback enabling them to fine-tune their project plans.

Peace promoter in Nigeria

"Our project focuses on promoting education with technology. In the process, we guide and mentor our audience to help them unlock their potential to create sustainable livelihoods."

All 32 participants were chosen for EAI’s six-month Peace Promotion Fellowship. These young leaders are now returning to their communities with heightened leadership and technical skills, networks and mentors, a stronger sense of the issues and challenges ahead, clear work-plans, and the passion and agency to transform extremism and build peace in their online and offline communities.

Their projects they designed will address a range of issues related to youth marginalization and extremism, such as taking a public health approach to tackling drug abuse and addiction, strengthening girls education in rural areas, preventing gender-based violence, improving the plight of displaced communities, strengthening life skills among prison populations, and creating positive alternative narratives to promote peace and social cohesion in Northern Nigeria.

Alongside their community-based projects, fellows will amplify their voices and visions through the Farar Tattabara (White Dove) Messaging Hub, EAI’s transmedia peacebuilding and countering violent extremism (P/CVE) platform featuring original research, social media campaigns, and Hausa-language radio and TV programming that reaches over 20 million people a week through 15 partner radio stations and AREWA24.

Follow their progress closely on Twitter at #Peace4Arewa, #RiseUpArewa, and @FararTattabara.

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