Jimirebhar, Nepal says “NO” to Violence

The "Change Starts at Home" Project reduced the prevalence of intimate partner violence in Nepal. Read about the flag campaign and how it helped create a more peaceful existence for hundreds of households.

A couple rides on a bicycle through the village, grocery bags hanging on the handlebars. They reach their home and the wife takes the groceries and heads into the kitchen. The husband blows dust off the bicycle chain and oils it. He then heads to the kitchen and begins to help his wife cut and prepare the vegetables for lunch. After lunch, husband and wife work together to wash the dishes, chatting as they do so.

This peaceful scenario has not gone unnoticed by the neighbors and local community members. Just a few months ago, this same couple was seldom seen together and the nature of their quarrelsome relationship was no secret to their neighbors. Rather, it was considered a simple fact of life, a situation not uncommon for other couples in the community. But now, community members are curious to know what happened to bring about this stark change.

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