Kulanka Waalidiinta! Helping parents build their children’s resilience in the Horn of Africa

This new radio show helps Somali parents build resilience and work towards a positive future for their children.

EAI is proud to announce the launch on April 12, 2020 of Kulanka Waalidiinta (Let’s Chat Parenting), a new radio show for parents of young children that provides parenting advice and strategies to promote positive parenting approaches that build resilience in children.
Immediately following the parenting show is Sesame Sheeko Sheeko, a children’s radio series produced in partnership with Sesame Workshop that is aimed at increasing resilience in Somali children aged 3-8.  The Sesame Sheeko Sheeko show features beloved Sesame Street characters including Elmo, Bert & Ernie, and Abby Cadabra, among others, who help children develop pro-social behavior, promote inclusion, mutual respect, peaceful conflict resolution, and understanding and building their physical, emotional, social, and cognitive skills.
The show is being broadcast in Somalia, Ethiopia, and Kenya, and is available to other Somali communities around the world on Facebook.
Be sure to visit the Facebook page to learn about specific topics and air times.
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