Philippines: from Peacebuilding to Virus Prevention and Safety

Demonstrating our ability to adapt to new situations, our team in the Philippines has created the "OurmindaNOW COVID19 Updating Platform" to share key information about virus prevention and safety behaviors.

Having established solid networks with our signature alternative messaging hubs for peacebuilding throughout the southern Mindanao region of the Philippines, our local EAI staff immediately saw the advantage of using these networks to assist in the national COVID-19 response.

They wasted no time in creating the “OURmindaNOW COVID19 Updating Platform” to foster key communication and information about virus prevention and safety behaviors. The Platform is based on our information/communication ecosystem methodology that actively engages partners to create, interact with, and continuously inform the public with the originally produced content.

Also accessible on as its own page on Facebook, the Platform gathers and disseminates timely, verified, and accurate information on a regional, Mindanao-wide, and national level about prevention and safety from the virus. Doing so, it mitigates the prevalence of unverified information and disinformation while promoting positive messages.

One of our most popular information products are the Social Cards we have produced. These eye-catching info graphics provide practical announcements and understandable how-to information about everything from food security, social distancing, volunteering stories, caring for children and people with disabilities, and more.

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