The Way Forward: Assessing the impact of the “White Dove” CVE radio project in Northern Nigeria

Is it possible for radio programs to diverge youth from engaging with violent extremism? According to this research, the White Dove radio programs have proven to provide relevant information that has curbed youth involvement in violent groups.

A Project of
Nigeria, Building Peace & Transforming Extremism, US State Department


Project Mission — To create positive social change for millions of under-served people across Northern Nigeria, by providing critically needed information and education through innovative media appropriate technology and direct community engagement.

There are no people we look up to. But now with your Ina Mafita [radio] program, we have hope and are starting to see ourselves as the solution,” said a young man from Borno State who was once a member of Boko Haram and now volunteers for a community self-defense force.

This report utilizes a rigorous and multi-pronged monitoring and evaluation (M&E) strategy to assess audience perceptions, comments, and behavior change as a result of the three White Dove radio series programs. The research was designed to focus on the acceptability and impact of the messages delivered. The results of the qualitative field research, Interactive Voice Response (IVR) polling, and an online listener survey gave the researchers a powerful insight into the programs’ impact and provided guidance for developing new radio programs that effectively engage audiences and positively change individual’s beliefs, behaviors, and social norms.

This report offers proposed solutions and alternative pathways garnered directly from the communities for dealing with social tension, rising radicalization, economic inequality, drug addiction, and other themes identified in EAI’s formative research in early 2017.

It outlines the impact the radio programs have had on the lives of hundreds of listeners. At the end of two weeks of research and hundreds of interviews across nine states and Abuja, one thing became clear: The White Dove programs are empowering a new generation of role models and informed messengers who are actively working to improve the lives of their families, friends, and communities across northern Nigeria as a direct result of information and inspiration they are receiving from the shows.

White Dove Series Overview:

  • Ina Mafita (“The Way Forward”), a youth-focused CVE talk show, produced by EAI
  • Ilimi Abin Nema (“The Pursuit of Knowledge”), a talk show focused on Islamic school reform,parenting, and the life of Almajiri children, produced by EAI
  • Labarin Aisha (“Aisha’s Tale”), a drama featuring the story and challenges of a young displaced girl, produced by the Jos Repertory Theatre.