Peacebuilding & Transforming Extremism

With a global portfolio of peacebuilding and P/CVE programs in more than 10 countries, EAI is a leading innovator of adaptive community engagement, behavior change, positive youth development, and participatory media programming designed to build community resilience, transform conflict dynamics, and empower the voices, visions, and assets of conflict-affected populations. Our programming aims to build community resilience to violent extremism by transforming the dialogue around community issues and catalyzing citizens, local leaders, the security sector, and national government. Rather than counter the rhetoric and narratives of violent extremist (VE) groups, our media content and platforms focus on developing and disseminating indigenous and culturally-resonant alternative narratives. These narratives, based on role modeling and storytelling, render VE groups’ approaches and rhetoric baseless and incongruent with a world in which dialogue, empowerment, opportunity, and tolerance are present. By featuring and amplifying community-level CVE and peacebuilding activities, EAI connects community peacebuilders with like-minded changemakers across diverse geographies.


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