Fight for your rights

Watch EAI Yemeni youth acting troupes as they prepare for the final round of the MEPI RIGHTS Youth Theater Contest in the capital city of Sana'a.

A Project of
RIGHTS Initiative: Education of Rights

It is not important to win first or second place.  The most important thing is that our message will reach the audience, and that’s the meaning of winning.” 

– Theater performer, Al Hudaydah, Yemen


In this video, talented young actors from across Yemen perform theater to spread the message of standing up for one’s rights. A theater troupe from Al Hudaydah competes in Sana’a, Yemen with troupes from other Yemeni governorates. Through the story of a young girl facing old traditions, this group encourages their audience to learn about and claim their rights.

Things get heated during the show as protests, financial woes, and fights are played out in each story. Watch to see who won and get a glimpse of EAI’s work in action.

EAI uses the power of storytelling to reach audiences in places that need it most. As one performer put it, “I think we should deliver our message as artists, because artists are much more powerful and closer to society, so the audience will accept our message.”

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