#Give2Peace: Support youth and women peacebuilders

EAI is a leading peacebuilding organization that is transforming extremism in some of the most critical regions in the world. The #Give2Peace campaign ensures EAI is able to continue this work in high-risk regions.

A Project of
Advancing Gender Equality and Empowering Women and Girls, Change Starts at Home, Voices for Peace (V4P)

Support EAI’s innovative work with peace advocates. From youth leaders in Nigeria building their tech skills to women paving the path towards peace in the workplaces in Nepal, #Give2Peace is directly supporting these efforts.

#Give2Peace for Afghan Women + Girls

In Afghanistan, EAI has partnered with Sesame Garden for seven seasons to increase kid’s exposure to peacebuilding narratives and model gender equality. EAI ensures rural children have access to the dynamic characters by making it available via local radio. Support peacebuilding programming for children.

#Give2Peace for Women + Girls in Nepal

Across Nepal, women and girls are leading peacebuilding efforts with their families and at work. Via Sahi Ho! and Change Starts at Home, EAI is supporting women and girls raising their voices, so they have homes free from violence, workplaces absent of harassment, and more opportunities to grow economically. Your donation will ensure programs like these continue.

#Give2Peace for Voices 4 Peace Women Leaders

Voices4Peace (V4P) forwards gender equality by supporting women and girls as leading peacebuilders in their communities. Through innovative technology, community groups, and radio programming, V4P is a platform that supports women and girls having a voice in their communities. Your donation enables programs like V4P to expand to include more women and girls.

We must have peace to have life

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