Meet our Peace Promotion Fellows in Kenya!

These young people are leaders in their communities in Garissa, Wajir, and Nairobi counties, spreading peace and resilience and redirecting their futures and those of their peers. Get to know them below!

The Journey

How does a young person with great ideas and plenty of motivation get to become a Peace Promotion Fellow?

EAI began holding Tech Camps in Northern Nigeria under the Farar Tattabara (White Dove) Project. A Tech Camp is a five-day workshop designed to strengthen the capacity, reach, and visibility of young people to create powerful alternative narratives to those of violent extremist groups, helping to create a new generation that values collaboration over conflict.

After participants have completed the Tech Camp, they are eligible to apply for a Peace Promotion Fellowship, a competitive program that provides guidance from mentors, additional training in proposal development and program management, and stipends to implement their visionary peacebuilding projects.

The Nigerian Tech Camp model was expanded to the Philippines (OURmindaNOW Project) and Kenya (Somali Voices Project). To date, EAI has held 148 Tech Camps in eight countries and has trained and mentored 90 Peace Promotion Fellows.

We are proud to present our Peace Promotion Fellows in Kenya!

Click on the images below to see them full-sized. Learn more about the Fellows’ creative initiatives in some of the most challenging regions of the country.