In 2013 Equal Access, with funding from the US State Department, launched a project to create, develop, and operate a free-to-air, 24-hour/day, Hausa language satellite TV channel “AREWA24,”. Scheduled to debut in the summer of 2014, and similar to Equal Access’ approach in developing locally resonant programs in other countries, TV content will be produced by Nigerians for Nigerians in Nigeria. This 24/7 entertainment and learning channel will celebrate the cultures, youth, families and diverse communities of northern Nigeria.

Some examples of programming include:

  • Youth drama and chat shows which develop life skills, give youth a voice, promote young Nigerians’ pride in their culture, and encourage entrepreneurship, collaboration and mutual respect;
  • Entertainment and enrichment programs such as children’s TV, women’s lifestyles, sports, music and culture, and cooking, and;
  • Hausa films and other video productions, including documentaries.

The TV channel engages viewers through complementary, interactive media elements: a website with associated mobile phone applications, SMS text messaging, and social media to further expand the channel’s reach, encourages cross promotion, and catalyzse ongoing audience feedback and engagement.

As the only full-scope Hausa language satellite TV channel locally produced by and for northern Nigerians, it delivers entertaining and inspiring programming for youth, women and entire communities in a historically marginalized part of the country whose media sector has been slow to develop.

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