Governance and Civic Engagement

EAI fosters civic engagement as a means of promoting public participation to improve local governance. To achieve this goal, EAI guides individuals and citizen groups through a series of transformative training and connects them with opportunities for civic participation. As a result, communities and citizens are equipped to overcome structural barriers that impede their participation in public policy development, public resource allocation and distribution, and oversight of public service delivery. EAI enables communities to have a voice in matters of public interest and supports their innate agency to constructively engage in dialogue with government officials. We provide tools that support individuals and communities to advocate for accountability and transparency. Our programs bring together relevant stakeholders including citizens, civil society leaders, traditional leaders, elected representatives, local governments, public service providers, and law enforcement agencies to define sustainable governance solutions through multi-stakeholder dialogue. Our methods inspire sustainable action in our communities ensuring citizens continue to instigate civic action after the completion of a program.


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